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Detox & Withdrawal

Detox & Withdrawal San Bernardino!

A Better Today detox facilities provide a medically managed and confidential treatment for people in need of help alcohol and drug addiction. Detoxification, or detox, clears the body of drugs and toxins. Medical professionals assist in helping overcome the withdrawals from detox, but detox shouldn’t be confused with rehabilitation. The withdrawal symptoms can be psychological and physical, and are a by-product of substance abuse as the body craves the substances it is addicted to. Detox isn’t rehab treatment, it’s the first step in the process of preparing your mind and body for the rehabilitation process. Detox can be intimidating, and it can be tough for addicts to take that first step and enroll in therapy. Treatment techniques for detox vary from person to person. ABT employs proven methods that are medically viable, utilizing customized treatment for each client. If you would like to talk with a detox expert at ABT or have any other questions, call (909) 212-0335.

What You’ll Expect in Detox

Our methods are customized for the individual, and there are two basic steps- analysis and detox. Analysis determines which substances are being abused and in what quantities. A plan of treatment is determined in the analysis stage. Some clients are addicted to many substances, and that can drastically affect their detox plan and treatment plan. The second stage is the actual detoxification. In detox, our professional experts will guide you through the process of detoxifying your body from the toxins in your system. Detox doesn’t rehabilitate the client, even though it does clean out your system of toxins. Detox prepares the addict for the next stage of your rehab treatment and on to a reclaiming a healthy and drug-free life!

Why Detox is Important

Not only is detox vital to rehab for the physical aspects of cleaning your system of toxins and curbing addiction to substances, it is also imperative to remove addicts from the environments, temptations, people and conditions that can trigger use. Enrolling in detox gets the addict into a facility where they are monitored by medical professionals. Detox analysis is important in identifying the substances one is to, and allows the addict and our specialists to develop a plan for your rehab and recovery. The greatest danger in detox is relapse, and getting you away from conditions that lead to relapse is crucial to the success of detox.

Using while in therapy is relapse. Relapse is more common when addicts enroll in detox alone, without the follow up rehab. At A Better Today (ABT), we help our clients complete detox and then enroll right into a treatment program of a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day duration for their alcohol and drug rehab. Clients can then begin group or individual therapy, including meetings, join a 12-step community, and take enjoy the relaxing living accommodations. A Better Today provides inpatient care in luxurious residential living communities with 24-hour monitored care, while also providing options for outpatient facilities.

The First Step

The first step in rehab can be daunting. Many addicts who have successfully gone through the rehab process have found it beneficial to be guided by a mentor who has already gone through it. Proving the axiom that “if you’re going through a maze, it’s best to go through it with someone who knows the way out.” Detox is the first step in the process of drug and alcohol and rehab. There are cases where detox only is sufficient, however, we recommend a continued rehab after detox. ABT provides addicts with the tools and techniques to overcome dependency. A Better Today’s goal is to help you become clean and sober and enjoy a healthy life. Take the first step and call one of our detox professionals today! (909) 212-0335