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Family Intervention

San Bernardino Family Intervention

If you know a friend or loved one who is suffering with substance abuse addiction, you can help by creating an intervention with A Better Today. Intervention is one of the best means available to help your friend or family member onto a path of rehab and recovery. Addiction is a frightening ordeal, both for the addict and their friends and relatives. You may wonder, “Is there anything I can to do help them break the cycle of their addiction?” With intervention, you can. Intervention works. You may also have a fear of potential backlash from the person you know who is suffering. Take heart, our specialists are trained to help you create an intervention that is based on compassion, care, love and support. Intervention is one the best ways to help your friends and loved ones.

What Is Intervention?

Intervention is a counseling tool made up of a group of family and friends with the sole function of helping convince a substance abuser to enroll in treatment and get help for their addiction. Guided by an interventionist, the participants include the addict, friends, family members and loved ones. Generally, in intervention is created when the addict is in denial about their condition or has ignored appeals and is unwilling to get help for their problem. Interventions are an effective means of showing the addict their condition and creating an awareness so they take their addiction seriously. It’s powerful for an addict to see all their loved ones assembled in one room, because of their love and care for the abuser. We at ABT guide and encourage friends and family members in creating their own intervention for those loved ones suffering addiction. Intervention can be the first step toward recovering from the disease of addiction.

Intervention or Treatment?

The difference between intervention and treatment, is that intervention is an initial tool to help get the addict into treatment. Many times, the addict denies their addiction or can’t see the destructive path they’re on- for themselves and their loved ones. When the addict agrees to receive help, he or she begins the treatment of detox and recovery. These can be done at inpatient or outpatient facilities. Intervention isn’t a treatment. It’s a powerful tool in helping addicts get the treatment they need. In addition to detox and recovery, addicts also learn about their disease and how it affects them in the treatment phase. They also learn the best practices, procedures and methods to overcome their addiction, control their behavior and return to a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

When to Create an Intervention?

How do you tell when to start an intervention for a friend or family member suffering with an addiction? As soon as you see dangerous warning signs from drug or alcohol abuse. These can be drastic changes in relationships, losing jobs, violent or aggressive behavior, theft or criminal activity. Many people feel reluctant about confronting loved ones, for fear of a backlash or further damaging their relationship and pushing that friend or loved one away even further. If you share this hesitancy, remember that addicts live volatile and perilous lives, and you just may be protecting them from further danger by creating an intervention. Waiting too long to help could result in tragedy, including overdose, hospitalization or even death. ABT has all the information you need to launch your own intervention. To contact one of our trained experts for help in creating an Intervention, please call (909) 212-0335 now!